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What is an adventure Host?

Got To Get Out is all about encouraging and empowering people to ‘get out’ make friends and see the world. We are about getting people to talk, share, engage, and learn – through active outdoor adventures.

Part of our plan for growing Got To Get Out (to inspire the maximum number of people to get outdoors) is for volunteer ‘adventure hosts’ to lead trips in their neighbourhood/region.

An ‘adventure host’ is someone (ideally who has been on some trips with us, though not essential) who wants to lead a trip. Hosts are good with people, friendly, welcoming, and willing to follow the Got To Get Out procedure for hosting a trip (we give you instructions that make it easy to follow step by step).

Hosting doesn’t mean you need to be a registered outdoor instructor, hosts are just the same as the attendees. What is expected however is to come up with the idea, promote it to your friends (via Facebook), show up first, snap some photos and send straight afterwards, follow the instructions, and maybe wearing some Got To Get Out gear we will supply you.

Become a Host

How to Be a Got To Get Out Adventure Host

If you have a trip you think our fans would love and you want to get people along to it, then we are more than happy to consider you ‘hosting’ a trip, and us promoting it on our Facebook page out to our fans.

The vast majority of our trips are free, to lower the barrier to entry of getting people outdoors. So, that means you won’t get paid for hosting either sorry. But we have some great hookups we can send your way, plus you get to be outdoors and active and leading a group of fun people – which is a benefit in itself!

Below is a list of the sort of information we need in order to host a trip on our Facebook page and to invite our community along:

Name of Adventure

Date of Event

Time of Event

Location of Event Including Meeting Point and transport ideas (carpool? Walk? public transport?)

Blurb (around 100 words about the activity)

Photo (suitable for inclusion on the event page)

Cost per person (if any)

With this information, we can consider helping you to run an event by communicating with people who live in your area and inviting them to come along! We can also look at using group buying power to get a great price for attendees of the trip, if there are costs involved.

If you have an idea you want to run past us, or you are an outdoors / adventure operator yourself and want us to come along, just get in touch!