Got To Get Out owns a range of inflatable paddleboards, perfect for beginners through to those wanting to cruise or tour the coasts.

Boards range in size from 9f9 to 14ft (see below), and we’ve got many paddles and PDFS (floatation devises too).

Boards can be delivered or you pick up.

Click on the pictures below for more information about the boards.


Kekoa 10/10

T7 Kekoa II Fusion 330 ISUP.  The Torpedo7 boards are double layer construction; the technology behind the double layer is known globally as FUSION technology and ensures the board is a lot more durable and can be used for any type of SUPing (in surf etc)

Number available: Pink x 2, Blue x 8


Lunar 9/9

The classic all around SUP shape and the extra width at 32″ gives it excellent stability, great tracking and easy paddling experience for any paddler, of any skill level a great time on the water.

Number available: 2

Mercury 10/10

The MERCURY 10’10” is a fantastic all-around board that is perfect for the flat water or small surf paddling as well as offering a smooth out rocker and a stable and extra wide platform for riders to enjoy at all the skill levels.

Number available: 2

Titan 11/11

With the largest size in the range and the 32” extra width, this is an incredibly easy to ride all-around board that is perfect for ambitious or bigger size riders.

Number available: 2

Meteor 14/0

Designed with a narrow nose, straight outline and a perfect length and width proportion balance, METEOR 14’0″ is the ultimate companion for the serious racers out there; fast, responsive, powerful yet with plenty of control.

Number available: 1

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*Must be within 10 km from Auckland city