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Introducing Got To Get Out

Got To Get Out Adventures

Robert Bruce Got To Get Out

Hi and welcome to the GTGO page!

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Got To Get Out is a social enterprise I started after changing my life through getting into the outdoors.


Waitawheta GTGO Hike

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I am Robert Bruce, founder of this little group, Got To Get Out (GTGO) that is growing rapidly which a bunch of amazing outdoor lovers.

This group is all about getting people outdoors, active, seeing the world and making new friends..


Since we launched in late 2014, we have run dozens of amazing trips all over New Zealand (and further abroad) such as hikes, biking, climbing and road trips with hundreds of people, and we have engaged thousands of fans on our ever growing Facebook page.


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We are thrilled that we are able to inspire people to get outdoors, and off the couch. That is the whole purpose of this group!


GTGO Tongariro Crossing Hike

Fairy Falls GTGO Group hike


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The way that getting out helps to change peoples lives, is that it gets them off the couch, into nature, making new friends and basically re-energising people. It is the best medicine ever!

If you want to join us for one of our adventures and experience the joys of the outdoors too, simply subscribe to our news feeds, join our mailing list, and keep your eye on Facebook where we normally post our event invites.


I would love to have you along on one of our trips. Or, if you have a great idea for a trip that you want other people to come along to, simply get in touch and we can look at having you host one in your area.

If you want to chat with me directly, simply email

Remember, you’ve #gottogetout!




Written by          ROB_143

Robert Bruce

GTGO Fonder




Got To Get Out TV

These short clips will give you an insight to what Got To Get Out is all about! Remember if you are keen to join the conversation, simply join our mailing list or Facebook page.


Get to Know Founder Rob

This short video follows Got To Get Out founder Robert Bruce on his journeys through Nepal, New Zealand and South East Asia in 2015. Experience a taste of his adventures and start planning your own!

[kad_youtube url=”″ width=100 height=60 ]


Mt Pirongia Hike

Get a glimpse of what a Got To Get Out overnight hike is like! This one took place at the awesome Mt Pirongia in our own beautiful backyard (North Island, New Zealand)!! Come along on our next adventure but for now check out this video to show you what it was like.


[kad_youtube url=”″ width=100 height=60 ]Got To Get Out



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