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We call Got To Get Out a social enterprise, because unlike a regular business, at our core is a heart and a purpose. Our mission is to get people into the outdoors and changing their lives for the better.

Got To Get Out was founded in January 2015 by keen outdoorsman and entrepreneur Robert Bruce as he trekked through the Himalayas to Mt Everest Base Camp. He found his inspiration for Got To Get Out at around 5,000 metres into the climb and decided his purpose was to help people to have amazing experiences and change their lives by arranging safe, exciting adventures with like-minded people.

Got To Get Out has now hosted a wide array of epic adventures around New Zealand and amassed a large following of outdoors lovers on social media. The future plans are to offer ever more unique trips to amazing and exciting locations. Whenever Got To Get Out arranges an excursion, we always uses professional guides and partner with the best tourism and transport operators.

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