Got To Get Out ‘Open Invite’ how to plan an event 

Kia ora Kiwi adventure lovers!

At Got To Get Out, we’ve been arranging amazing outdoor trips for over 7 years. Tens of thousands of Kiwis have ‘gotten out’ with us all around Aotearoa, on hikes /bike rides / ski trips / climbing and many other adventures.

We’ve always arranged our OWN trips, with volunteers and trip leaders around the country giving up their weekends to arrange trips.

Today, with over 20,000 followers spread throughout 15+ online groups, we’ve decided to make event planning “open source” and allow anyone with a good idea to develop a trip, and post an ‘open invite’ into our group/s if they are willing to invite more people along.

Although we aren’t responsible in any way for activities arranged or shared into our groups, we do want to encourage safe trip planning to ensure that Kiwis are safe in the outdoors.

Below we’re written some useful tips about the best ways to arrange a free activity in your area.

If you’ve #gottogetout into nature and are willing to invite some new people along, here’s how we suggest you do it:

Useful tips for trip organisers:

Assuming you are using Facebook to invite people to an activity. Here’s some of the information you ought to cover in your invitation to a Got To Get Out (or any) group / community:

Q: What is the activity?

Is this a hike, bike ride, climb, walk, social gathering?

Q: Where is it?

Where does it take place? What is the meeting point (for carpooling)?

Q: When is it?

What time meeting? What time is activity (how long)? What time will you be home?

It’s important you plan these times and stick to them. Guests need to be on time!

Q: How hard will this be?

Are you about to climb a mountain in winter? Do a bike weekending of grade 5s and jumps? Or are you walking along the waterfront with coffees?

You need to clearly disclose the difficulty of the activity (beginner / intermediate / advanced / expert) and share some of the risks

Q: Who is invited?

Anyone? Kids? First-timers?

Q: What are the risks?

Weather? Always check

Track difficulty?

Is this off -grid / no communication? How will you call for help?

Lack of food or water or shelter?

Q: Technical experience needed (e.g. mountaineering?). Can first-timers attend?

You need to be VERY detailed with how difficult an activity will be, and therefore the sort of people you wish to invite along.

Q: Who owns / manages the land?

Are you allowed to go here? Are you meant to pay a fee or koha? Are you on private land? Have you checked if you are welcome?

Q: How many people can safely come?

We recommend no more than “one to ten” for hiking and biking (meaning you + ten people, if you are the ‘most experienced’.

But in our world this means one qualified person, to ten attendees..

In your case, since this is just a gathering of people all at the ‘same or similar’ level, we suggest that everyone has their own first aid and is not “relying” on anyone else for coaching.

You ought to be at the same level – know what you are getting in for!

You may like to stipulate how many people are able to attend so you don’t get flooded with too many people showing up

Be mindful that more technical activities (like climbing) may mean a much lower number is safe.

Q: How are you inviting people and managing attendees?

We use Facebook (Events) and share them into groups

You can invite people however you wish – post into the group, share a Facebook ‘event’, even set up ticketing if you wish.

You may want to say “all welcome” but keep in mind about safe numbers! How will you cope if 50 people show up?

Q: Gear list

Are you sending one? This is a good idea, especially if beginners are attending

What should you be recommending? Coat / bag / water / food / shelter / technical equipment / footwear? This is all impacted by how long you will be away, and what you are doing.

A few thoughts for organisers:

1/ Who has first aid training?

We strongly encourage only people with first aid training to host trips, but if you don’t you need to find out who in the group has the highest level of first aid. Are you bringing a first aid kit? This is a bare minimum for an event organiser.

Make sure to check if people have their own first aid with them in particular if they have asthma, allergies, etc. It’s a good idea to ask this at the start of the trip

You may want to get a ‘next of kin’ off each person in the event of emergency, so you can notify them of an incident

2/ Give people warning.

It doesn’t really work well inviting people “who’s keen tomorrow?”. A couple of weeks notice works well.

3/ How will you communicate with attendees?

Either a group chat, or chatting in your Facebook event is a good idea, or get peoples phone numbers.

4/ Don’t forget to make people feel welcome

At Got To Get Out we always do the circle of names at the start of a trip, is a good start (going round the circle, inviting people to introduce themselves)

5/ Stick to the track / route you have advertised.

 If you say you’ll be back at midday, try and aim for then. People make plans / have work / kids to pick up etc etc


Lastly (our ONE ask)..

don’t forget to share photos to the Facebook group afterwards, and use the hash tag #gottogetout at our Facebook and Instagram to help inspire more people to get outdoors around NZ, and to shout-out where you all met 🙂

For Participants:

A few questions to think about as a participant

Q: Who is hosting?

Do they seem safe?

Do they know what they are doing?

Is the activity safe?

We suggest a phone call to the organiser to check that this sounds safe.

Q: Who is driving?

Are they safe?

Legal to drive?

Is the car safe?

Will the car/s be parked somewhere safe if you are carpooling?

Q: Have you told someone where you are going?

Q: Are you fit / experienced / capable enough for this activity?

Q: Have you assessed the risks yourself?

Q: Do you have the right gear that matches the gear-list of the organiser, and also from your own research?

Q: Do you have adequate food and water?

Important: Are you willing to be on time, show up when you say you will? It’s not cool to say you are attending, then not show up.


Please take a look at


Don’t forget to share photos to your Got To Get out group/s, and use #gottogetout when uploading to Instagram or Facebook.