Got To Get Out is run by a group of passionate volunteers and staff.

Our whanau/family are tight-knit, spend a lot of time together on the road / at events, and absolutely LOVE getting outdoors!

If you are interested in getting on board as a Got To Get Out volunteer, please get in touch!

Below you can read about some of our awesome crew.

Robert – Founder

As founder of GTGO Rob is across all parts of this social enterprise.  He’s a qualified bus driver (NZTA Class2, Passenger endorsement), NZOIA hiking and biking leader, paddleboard instructor with NZ Surf, and face of the organisation. Rob founded Got To Get Out after a long career in a corporate office. A trip to Nepal in 2014 prompted him that getting outdoors was extremely good for body and mind, and he decided to share this mission of ‘getting out’ with as many Kiwis as possible. Robert is a Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year semi finalist, and Local Hero for his work getting people outdoors.

Robert came up with the idea of Got To Get Out while trekking towards Mt Everest Base Camp, in late 2014. He gained inspiration high in the mountains of Nepal, that maybe he could use his skills (from a long career in marketing and advertising) for a greater cause. He came home after Mt Everest Base Camp and started posting on social media, inviting people to ‘get outdoors’ with him, and sharing his own adventures. Before long, the Got To Get Out online community had grown to several thousand people, and he was hosting trips every weekend. In 2018 Robert went ‘full time’ working on Got To Get Out (he says ‘full time volunteer’!) and in 2019 Robert became an ambassador for New Zealand outdoor retailer Torpedo7.

In the past few years Robert is a TedX speaker, New Zealander of the year finalist, and Kiwibank ‘Local Hero’ for his work motivating people to ‘get outdoors and active’.

Josefine – Adventure Logistics

Josefine from Stockholm, Sweden is both behind and in-front of the scenes, helping with driving, planning, logistics, maintenance, and assistant-guiding. Jo loves Nepal and has trekked to Mt Everest Base camp twice, and completed other Himalayan adventures. Jo holds outdoor first aid qualifications, loves scuba diving, horse riding, snowboarding and hiking among high mountains.

Rachel – Adventure Guide / Cultural Liasion

Rachel (Rāhera) is a qualified teacher holding a BEd and a post grad in Kaitiakitanga and has studied Te Reo Māori extensively. She is a GTGO guide, driver, and helps bring a unique cultural perspective to our trips, in particular Get Into Nature excursions.

Chris – Photographer / Got To Get Out Snow Club

Chris from New York City has helped GTGO since 2018, assisting on a range of tasks including arranging trips, leading ski missions, and taking thousands of stunning photos! Chris is a fully qualified teacher, and kindly helps GTGO in his spare time.

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Sarah – Got To Get Out Snow Club

Sarah is a keen member of the Got To Get Out Snow Club and loves nothing more than encouraging first-timers that they’ve ‘got to get out to the snow!’. Sarah works full time in communications, but spends every spare weekend at Mt Ruapehu. She has also snowboarded extensively in Canada.

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Laura – Got To Get Out Snow Club

Laura has vast experience with Got To Get Out and helped deliver the Torpedo7 colab in 2019/2020, which involved coordinating the upload of over 150 outdoor events around NZ, and acting as liaison between guides in the field, and Torpedo7 management in the office. She is a keen surfer, snowboarder, and loves nothing more than getting into nature.

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Damon – Got To Get Out Runners

Damon is a keen member of the GTGO whanau who has helped with arranging many hikes, runs, walks, and also joined the 2019 trip to the Annapurna Circuit. Damon is a top runner in his own right and loves getting people outdoors!

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Shawn – Got To Get Out Runners

Shawn has been a GTGO runner since the group started, he loves running especially trail running and has taken part in several races and marathons over the years with the goal of completing a ultra marathon one year. He is based in Auckland and beside running he’s also a keen hiker and mountain biker. Shawn is also volunteering as a Scout leader taking youth outdoors hiking, camping and other outdoor pursuits.

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Christie – Got To Get Out Runners

Christie is originally from South Africa and has been growing up hiking and always been active outdoors. She loves the peace and quiet of nature and thinks there’s nothing better than spending a couple of hours outdoors exploring and taking in the surrounding. She took up running again recently and loves than it allows her to explore even greater distances.

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Bjoern – Got To Get Out Climbers

Bjoern is a keen indoor and outdoor rock climber who approached GTGO several years ago with a dream to create a rock climbing community. He and subsequent volunteer leaders have helped to build one of the biggest groups of climbers in Auckland, making people feel welcome at all levels and skills at Auckland’s largest wall, Extreme Edge.

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Natazia – Got To Get Out Climbers & Riders

Natazia is a Hawkes Bay farm girl but also a secondary teacher in the big city. She adores being outdoors and is willing to give most things a go. Her go to’s are rock climbing – indoor and out – and mountain biking but you can find her participating in most water sports (particularly kayaking) and out exploring on foot. Natazia has #gottogetout and loves dragging others along on her adventures.

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Aaron – Got To Get Out Riders

Aaron is born and bred in Auckland, and keen on all aspects of the outdoors. He is an IT Professional by day but outside this you can find him out on the trails mountain biking, hiking/tramping (long and short trips), snowboarding, kayaking – he’s always keen for an adventure and believes getting out is the best medicine! He’s more than happy to help and show others how they can get out too.

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Chris – Got To Get Out Riders

Chris is a mad mountain bike rider and also proud dad. Chris helps the GTGO Riders group by sharing content, inviting people on rides, and helping maintain our fleet of bikes.

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Erin – Auckland Adventurers

Erin is from Hawkes Bay but has lived in Auckland for many years. He is very interested in the inactive volcanos and numerous pa sites around Auckland City and walks the hills with his dog daily. He enjoys walking/tramping/conversation and meeting new people. Erin has worked in retail all his working life, and has also spent 10 years as a volunteer with Victim Support (aligned with NZ Police). He enjoys giving back to the community.

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Michael – Auckland Adventurers

Michael was first involved with GTGO back in 2015 when he was studying Outdoor Education. He then moved to Spain for a few years where he was running some social hiking groups for expats. He decided to move back to NZ again 2019, and got into a proper outdoors lifestyle working as a Park Ranger. His main passions are medicinal native plants and teaching people about our wonderful species. His main pursuit is tramping and crafts but he is keen to get more into sea kayaking and climbing too!

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Adam – Auckland Adventurers

Adam is born and raised in Auckland. He enjoys both gym and sport, playing to stay fit and healthy. He especially likes playing rugby but also hiking. He really enjoys getting into multi day hiking and always has an idea of where to go next. He don’t mind getting out in the rain or bad weather, he actually enjoys it because it’s a challenge! He tries to get his kids involved with hiking and really believes that kids and families have Got To Get Out too!

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Rose – Auckland Adventurers

Rose from Auckland works as a Commercial Property Manager by day but is an adventurer all other times. She loves snowboarding, hiking in the bush, and has recently started getting into mountain biking! She really enjoys organising trips and is keen to show others how they can Get Out too. She’s is very happy to share her dehydrated meal recipes and knowledge about trees.

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Amy – Taranaki Adventurers

Amy grew up on a farm so being outdoors is in her DNA. From exploring the swamp land for Tadpoles, to climbing trees, sliding across flooded paddocks on her boogie board and hooning around on her bike. Now after a stint overseas she is back exploring Taranaki and beyond. She loves Mountain Biking, Hiking/Running/Orienteering, Climbing and Snowboarding. She can occasionally be seen attempting to surf and long board.

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Lexi – Taranaki Adventurers

Lexi was born and bred in Taranaki, where she started tramping and running at a young age. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, Lexi loves her mountain biking and giving almost anything a go from skydiving to swimming with sharks. She knows Taranaki has great places to hike, bike and surf and is looking forward to introducing others to these great spots. Lexi has spent a lot of time in the outdoors making the most of what the region has to offer from white water rafting, mountain biking and tramping to learning to surf, spear fishing and camping. Lexi has spent some of her teaching career working with youth in the great outdoors and she regularly organises trips out with her friends. She joined us on a few of our adventures in Taranaki and is excited about being part of our team.

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Marty – Palmerston North Adventurers

Marty lives in Manawatu and has always had a love for the outdoors, especially mountain biking and motorcycles. He has a background in racing motorcycles and now coaches fellow riders. He proudly served in the Army Reserves which has taught him many things that he is keen to pass onto other outdoor enthusiasts. Marty’s day time work is in Sales/marketing.

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Kirsty – Wellington Adventurers

Kirsty lives in Wellington and is an outdoor and adventure lover from way back. She has experience in hiking/tramping, waterskiing, adventure racing and is currently much into triathlon and off road triathlon. She’s a recently qualified PT and loves helping people getting fit via exploring the outdoors. She cares for the environment, has a degree in Environmental science and has done Leave No Trace training. Her day job is as an account manager.

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Hannah – Wellington Adventurers

Hannah is from the beautiful Kapiti Coast and loves exploring the great playground on her doorstep – hiking, the beach, mountain biking, paddle boarding, 4WDing/winch racing with her partner and getting muddy! She has a good knowledge about places to go in Wellington and loves to share it with other people.

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John – Wellington Adventurers

John is originally from Florida but moved over to Wellington 2013. While he’s got a big background in paddle sports, he loves getting out to the hills and mountains. Every chance he gets, he’ll head to Tongariro, Taupo and Rotorua to hike, bike and snowboard. He’s been passionate about getting people outdoors for many years, which led him into his second career as an sea kayak guide. He enjoys helping people take that first step to get out the door and enjoy the amazing outdoor opportunities NZ offers.

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Mark – Queenstown Adventurers

Mark is originally from Christchurch but currently living in Queenstown where he enjoys exploring the great outdoor. He’s done a fair bit of tramping in winter, summer, long and short, easy to full-blown exploratory navigation. He’s also done solo and leading throughout the Canterbury region. He loves to help other people try something new, and his own current pursuits are concentrating on climbing and trail running.

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