Have you got to get out for a guided hike? Experience the great outdoors? Travel New Zealand or maybe even a hike in Nepal?

As an Auckland-based hiking group, we organise guided group hikes, mountain bike group rides, paddleboard rentals and even corporate outdoor experiences all over New Zealand.

We host learn-to-ride mountain bike events, through to multi-day group rides on harder trails. We own a fleet of mountain bikes and paddleboards that we can rent out. Some of our events are free of charge, arranged by volunteers within the communities of Got To Get Out. Some of our events have a cost and we try and keep the cost as low as possible, and any proceeds go towards advancing our mission of getting people active and outdoors.

If you’re interested in knowing about how hard a trip will be, read our blog about this matter here.

We also arrange custom made adventure tours and group trips for sponsors, brands, offices, or students. One series is called Get Into Nature, which gets international students (mostly studying in Auckland) outside, active and learning.

Read on to see what events we have that may suit you, and please get in touch to learn more about our activities and group hiking tours, or partner with us in one way or another!

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Check out our gallery below from some of our previous adventures!