Tips for getting outdoors for the first time

Got To Get Out is an adventure group with thousands of fans who love the outdoors! In the past 12 months since launching we have taken hundreds of people hiking, sailing, mountain biking, climbing and kayaking and in many cases it is the first time these people have gone properly outdoors.

Often people ask via our Facebook page or on email “This is my first time, I don’t know if I am ready to get outdoors and join you guys”

From all these questions, we have formulated a bit of a plan for first timers, and listed the 7 main things you should consider when thinking about getting outdoors and into nature.

In summary the real trick to getting out, is to just start by starting. Start small, and before long you will be climbing Mt Everest! (OK, maybe not straight away.. but you get the idea). So here’s a few tips on getting outdoors if you are a rookie.

7 tips on how to get outdoors for the first time

1. Go with someone experienced

The outdoors can be a dangerous place, depending on where you plan on getting out to. So make sure you start out by getting some advice from people who are more experienced than you. This can be someone here at Got To Get Out, or there are tonnes of other places to find experienced outdoors lovers, even like your local retailer. We love the crew at Torpedo 7, who are always on hand to give advice on the outdoors and what gear you need.

2. Have the right gear

Enjoying the outdoors can really be linked to having the right gear. Wrong shoes? You slip and slide. Wrong jacket? You get cold and wet. Wrong (or not enough) food? You get hungry. So this links back to tip #1: you need to talk to someone experienced and get a gear list. If you don’t have the right gear, pop into your friendly local outdoors store (like Torpedo 7 – but there are others!) and ask for advice on what to take.

3. Plan ahead

While spontaneous missions can be the most fun, often it is good to do some reading before you embark on an adventure – and of course have the right gear with you. Doing some research first will tell you which tracks are best (or, out of service), if you can bring dogs or strollers, where you can park, and things you should look out for. Planning ahead may mean you get better prices on flights/planes/buses too, or might alert you to there being an event on at the destination you are going. Don’t forget to always tell someone where you are going too – so that there is someone who knows exactly where you are, in case the worst happens.

4. Don’t wear new kit!

There’s nothing worse than getting blisters from the new boots that you’re wearing for the first time. If you are buying new gear, make sure you wear them in before the big day. You can wear your boots to work, around the office, or just go for a walk in your neighbourhood.

5. Start small and grow

You won’t be climbing Everest or K2 in your first year, but the Tongariro Crossing is quite possible! Start small, and you will really start to love the outdoors. But go too hard out early on, and you may well get put off. Hikes that are 3-4 hours in length are a pretty easy way of easing into getting into the outdoors.

6. Follow lots of pages

The internet is awash with tips and tricks for getting outdoors, hiking, climbing, cycling and everything else you could dream of! Do some reading, learn about the best gear and food and tips from pros. It will help a lot. You may even find a great group to join – why not try one of our adventure groups?

7. Enjoy yourself!

The main thing when getting outdoors for the first time, is to enjoy every minute! Nothing is better than being outdoors in nature with cool people, so enjoy the experience. Take it all in, enjoy the peace and quiet, exercising your body, and the cool air on your skin.

So in summary, if you want to get outdoors but don’t know where to start, simple reach out and ask someone! Message us here on Got To Get Out, talk to your local retailer, get advice from a more experienced friend, and most of all – start by starting.

It’s simple really – you’ve just #gottogetout