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Read the info below, then check in using this button:

Important info for events:

Safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us here at Got To Get Out. 

As part of our safety management plan (SMP) and standard operating procedures (SOPS) we follow a range of protocols to keep adventurers safe. 

Below is a few of the processes we follow to keep you safe

Checking in:

You must sign in to our events (both paid and free) ideally a week before the trip, but certainly before you depart. 

Checking-in online ensures everyone knows what to bring, is aware of the difficulty of the trip they are signing up for, and most importantly you acknowledge you have the right fitness. It’s important you also supply us with emergency contacts, and alerted us to medical conditions.

  • Please enter the date of the event you’re attending when it asks for the date
  • Please fill out the form fully – if you’re a regular it may seem tedious, but it’s important for us to have up-to-date information.
  • Your responses are confidential – we will contact you directly if the need arises.

Trained staff

Our crew have the right training, certifications and experience to manage our events, and do the driving. Some of our training is listed at our safety page. Guides all have wilderness / outdoor first aid training and have been assessed externally (normally by NZOIA).

Good quality gear

Our vehicles all have regular serving and checks, our rental fleet are serviced by bike mechanics to be kept in tip top shape.


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