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Welcome to the Got To Get Out Event Hub

Read the info below, then check in using this button:

Event Check-In

Important info for events:

Safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us here at Got To Get Out. As part of our safety management plan (SMP), you must sign in to our events (both paid and free) ideally a week before the trip, but certainly before you depart. Checking-in online is to ensure everyone has the right gear, is aware of the difficulty of the trip they are signing up for, and most importantly that you have the right fitness plus supplied us with emergency contacts.

If you need to buy any new gear before a trip, we highly recommend Torpedo 7

The Wherewolf app (checking-in before an event)

  • Please enter the date of the event you’re attending when it asks for the date (not today’s date)
  • Please fill out the form fully – if you’re a regular it may seem tedious, but it’s important for us to have up-to-date information.
  • Your responses are confidential – we will contact you directly if the need arises.

Got To Get Out follows a custom made SMS (safety management system) which includes our very own SOPS (standard operating procedures) and emergency response plan. We maintain strict practices on safety, risk management and sustainability.

Event structure (what to expect)

Whether you’re hiking, biking, running or kayaking – some things remain the same. These unique parts of the day are what makes our trips special.

The following is what you can expect when you get outdoors with us.

Welcome chat and circle of names – before each event, everyone goes around the circle and introduces themselves and tells the group where their favourite place to get out is. It means we can start the day with familiar faces, and have great conversation starters for getting to know each other and making friends. 

Safety briefing – your trip host lets everyone know about the plan for the day, and what to do in case of an emergency. We outline any risks (such as uneven terrain) based off our risk assessment form (written by HQ), and ensure attendees know where the required emergency or first aid equipment is, and who has it.

Sharing food – community and camaraderie are important values for us, and the sharing of food symbolises this. Sharing food is another opportunity to make friends and meet new people, so bring something home-made or from your home country. We encourage attendees to bring a snack to share with everyone, though it is not required or enforced. Any food allergies we are made aware of will be relayed to the group (confidentially) to ensure no food of that type is brought.

Post-event debrief – at the start of our trips we set ‘intentions’ for the day. Meaning we ask “what do you want to get out of this?”. At the end of our trips, we debrief on the experience and ask everyone for the best bits and what they loved/liked/learned. Go into our trips with your eyes and mind open – it’s more than just a walk, we are trying to change lives!

Photos and video – a big part of our mission is to get the maximum number of people active and outdoors possible. One way we do this, is to share loads of inspirational photos and videos of our trips, to encourage our followers at home to think “hey, I’ve got to get out too!”. For this reason, expect us to be taking loads of photos and videos. If you don’t want to be in them, don’t stand in front of the camera!

Journey, not a destination- our trips move at the speed of the slowest person, and we take regular food / rest/ photo stops. If you love putting your head down and pacing rapid-speed to the end of a trail, you may get frustrated on our adventures. We’re in it for the journey, not the destination!