Surfing at Piha

For our latest adventure we teamed up with the awesome guys at Rapu New Zealand Surf ‘n’ Snow Tours who took us out to Piha and taught our attendees how to surf.

The group (around 14 of us) were blessed with an epic day that was really hot, with a nice swell and just a little wind.

The first part of the lesson involved learning about what forms waves (storms way out at sea), how to idenfify a rip on a surf beach (discoloured water, calm spot), and then also the basics of surfing.

Next the guys suited up, got their boards, and we all marched down to the beach, burning our feet on the black sand as we did! Our awesome Rapu coaches gave us basics of paddling

and how to stand up, and most of the team got the hang of it by the second spell in the water.
It was an excellent day and we may well do this again if there is interest – so get in touch if you want to learn to surf!

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Cheers Chapel Bar & Bistro for the pizza afterwards and The Raw Kitchen for coffee to start the day 🙂