GTGO Canyoning Adventure, Coromandel

On this trip the awesome Got To Get Out crew headed out to the Sleeping God canyon in the Coromandel, and had the experience of a lifetime they didn’t exactly expect!

Rain caused flash flooding that resulted in the water levels rising so the waterfalls and rivers couldn’t be crossed as planned. This meant the crew ended.up spending a few hours high on a ledge (not a lodge!) roped together above the cascading waterfalls below..

Here’s some quotes from the ‘survivors’

“Thank god we are alive!”
“hash tag #gottopee!”
“hash tag #gottogetrescued!”
“spooning for warmth!”
“the glow worms were very romantic.. in a Bear Grylls kind of way!”
“Best guides ever!”
“Worst rendition of Bohemian Rhapsidy ever!”

The team spirit stayed high thanks to group leader Catherine who lead the way and was motivational and inspirational.

The team at Canyonz were legends!! The professional guides (Wayne and Russ) hiked hours out of the bush to come back with supplies such as torches and snacks to the delight of the crew, who ended up back in civilization around 5am the next day…

A huge thanks to our friends at Macpac, and Chapel Bar & Bistro for hosting the debrief afterwards. Support these companies!

Trips like these are the experiences that shape us, and are the reason why you have Got To Get Out!

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See you next time?